Regional Airline Contractor

Patrick Dunne

Airline Engineering & Operations

With 15 year’s experience in airline engineering management and international start up support, plus 20 years as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (Canada) experience.

Regional Airline Contractor

Our Aircraft Asset Life cycle services cover the management needs from initial selection through to disposal while maximizing an asset’s retained value.

Startup Support

Flight operations & airline management.

It is crucial for new airlines to select relevant aviation Key Performance Indicators for your organization to correctly identify key areas of operations that can be greatly improved.

Change Support

Regulatory Compliance & Expansion.

From Line and Base Maintenance to Aircraft Introduction. Aviation continues to grow and in many parts of the world, aviation places an central role in developing a nation.

Aircraft Deliveries

Procurement of Aircraft and Leasing.

From the selection of aircraft that have the optimum performance and payload for your area of operations. We present new aircraft introductions to leasing options to maximize your profits.

Regulatory Compliance

Establishing AOC and AMO Practices.

The proper maintenance of aircraft is fundamental to aviation safety, and requires meticulous record-keeping, regulatory compliance and certification.

Regional Airline Contractors Provides Expertise

The business strategy, the assets and business plan has to come together for an regional airline to prosper.

External factors have a direct impact on the bottom line, even though you are serving a local market.

Aviation Industry Is A Growth Industry

Despite the challenges faced by the airline industry, the high fuel prices, the safety concerns, there are more people flying today than before. Aviation continues to grow and in many parts of the world, aviation places an central road in developing a nation. It opens up development and growth within a country, making inaccessible places reachable.

Aviation helps drive the economic growth of a town, providing opportunities, opening of markets and connecting with major economic hubs within the country. It is also a business opportunity for the company that operates the airline, generating income from passengers and freight while building assets in terms of property and people.

We Provide The Expertise For Your Airline

From the inception to execution, we provide the necessary expertise from the ground up for your airline to take off.

  • Documented processes
  • Direct operating cost
  • Aircraft selection and leasing
  • Flight operations and flight safety
  • Technical services and maintenance
  • Aviation key performance indicators
  • Compliant with the international safety standards

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