Our Services

Regional Airline Operations and Technical Contractors

Startup Support & Regulatory Compliance

We implement predictable and standardized airline operation processes. When you operate an airline, these are specific procedures that you must follow to ensure safety and profitability.

From the inception to execution, we provide the necessary expertise from the ground up for your airline to take off.

  • Conceptualization to operations
  • Documented processes
  • Direct operating cost
  • Aircraft selection and leasing
  • Flight operations and flight safety
  • Technical services and maintenance
  • Aviation key performance indicators
  • Compliant with the international safety standards

Aircraft Life Cycle Analysis

Aircraft Asset Life Cycle is a methodology enabling the airline management to acquire early indicators of the airline’s assets associated with direct operating costs, inspection, and availability.

Change Support & Procurement of Aircraft

  • Line and Base operations
  • Computerized Records/Planning/Reliability Systems
  • Avionics Line Support
  • Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO)
  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • New aircraft type introduction
  • Heavy airframe maintenance
  • Safety management and quality systems
  • Dispatch reliability improvement and costs reduction
  • Change in documentation policies and processes
  • Acquisition and import of aircraft
  • Regulatory compliance and certification
  • Change and project management